Procurement Specialist


Omschrijving van de opdracht:

Customer (SER)

Serendipity B.V., company, represented by Jonas Onland, Managing Partner and creating concepts, digital solutions, integrating latest technology with city’s infrastructure, bringing eco-systems together and creating the foundation for future sustainable, resilient & livable cities.

Service Provider

Service Provider is a specialist in procurement and contract management with a deep knowledge of EU Procurement legislation;

Project goal

Customer wants to develop a service platform, which will become a technology agnostic service layer between customers (cities, ecosystems, stadiums) and technology suppliers. The platform (Digital Toolbox) serves as an effective procurement tool for customers who wish to assess their current digital infrastructure, choose the new digital solution and receive a business proposal based on their need.
The platform onboards only technology suppliers who can validate their technology against open standards and comply with EU legislation. These are hard prerequisites in order to participate in a tender.

The ultimate goal of the platform is to help end customers become more sustainable, resilient and adaptive by conducting business with tech suppliers who have open standards to avoid vendor locks.

Project Assignment

Service Provider will set up the total procurement process for the platform, including mapping current and creating future procurement workflows.
Service Provider has expertise in Contract Management and will support project with outsourcing activities if necessary (including hire of third party suppliers), staying conform EU procurement requirements and ensuring compliance of all relevant documentation (NDA, standard purchase agreements, implementation agreements, SLA and other relevant agreements).

Service Provider will continuously advise on process improvements and systematically update the Client on any change in legislation in regard to EU procurement.


The offer needs to be non-commercial due to the R&D innovation call of the European Commission but it create attractive commercial opportunity for the Service Provider.
The Service Provider should indicate the hourly tariff excl VAT.

Contact details:

Inna Dikoun

Project Coordinator Serendipity B.V.
tel: +31 6 10648404

Aanvullende informatie:
  • Categorie: Inkoop
  • Op locatie Ja,
  • Contract Freelance / ad interim
  • Tarief per uur
  • Uurtarief 80
  • Startdatum Zo snel mogelijk
  • Looptijd 12 Maanden

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